Avoiding Motorcycle Accidents: All You Need to Know

Over eighty percent of annual motorcycle accidents worldwide lead to serious injuries or even death. This may escalate your motorcycle accident anxiety. Motorcycles are safe to use while on the roads only if you adhere to safety guidelines.

Regular Maintenance

A motorcycle in good mechanical condition will operate smoothly without any defects. Regular maintenance includes checking whether the brakes are working well, changing the oil, repairing punctures, and ensuring all indicators are working. A well-maintained motorcycle is easy to control, thus escalating your reaction time while on the road.

To increase the durability level of your motorcycle, always service it using quality and genuine parts from reputable dealers. You should also have a mechanic who is proficient with motorcycle systems.

Ride While Sober

Alcohol and substance abuse often lead to impaired judgment while on the road. Riding your motorcycle while drunk may make you unable to control and balance it, easily leading to a road accident. To enjoy a safe journey, you should always remain sober while riding your motorcycle.

Be Alert

While riding, always is alert to the road conditions or any other potential hazards. You should always look out for potholes, bumps, and other road signs. Avoid using your mobile phone while riding to avoid diverted attention.

Gear Up

A significant number of motorcycle accidents are the aftermath of poor safety measures by riders. As a rider, you should wear protective gear such as a helmet, durable riding boots, and gloves. With the right gear, you will not sustain severe injuries during an accident.

You should wear a reflecting material to notify other road users of your presence for visibility purposes. When riding at night, ensure you are in a lane where you are easily visible by motorists.

Avoiding Riding Between Cars in Active Traffic

Many riders tend to squeeze in between cars, mainly when there is a tight snarl-up or when several vehicles are parked in a single lane. This is dangerous since the driver can open the car door, and it may severely hurt you, a passenger can abruptly get alight from the car, or you may lose balance while trying to navigate through the tiny spaces.

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Be Cautious at Intersections

While approaching an intersection, you should look in all directions to ensure the road is safe before proceeding. Check out for any vehicle trying to switch to your lane as you approach the intersection. Intersection accidents are common and if a car has hit you, contacting a motorcycle accident lawyer is the best course of action to take.

Maintain a Distance from Semi Trucks

It is scary to ride or drive at a close range with a truck due to its massive size. Trucks have more blind spots than normal vehicles; hence, they can easily cause fatal accidents. When you notice a truck is near, you should aim at speeding ahead of it or slowing down and allow it to overtake you completely.

Consider A Side Lane

Riding on a busy highway is hectic due to a lot of inconsideration by other motorists and if you aren’t consistent with highway traffic rules. Side lanes are the best for riders since you consider only one traffic lane. Riding on a side lane will also mitigate your chances of colliding with any car.

Avoid Harsh Weather

Motorcycles are unsafe to ride during rainy or windy weather. Riding in the rain will expose you to health complications if you are poorly dressed. Harsh weather also leads to visual distortion, making it difficult for you to control your motorcycle effectively.

Motorcycle accidents can be prevented with the proper observance of traffic laws and regulations. Regular maintenance of your motorcycle will enhance a safer and smoother ride.