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Ignor(th)ing Korea

August 14, 2017 0

The media and the commenterati are constantly blasting the public with hysteria about North Korea. But what if the US refused to acknowledge the saber-rattling? I’m trying to decide what’s more hysterical: the foreign policy (using the term “policy” very […]

Terminally Ill Patients, Advocates Applaud Right to Try

August 14, 2017 0

The Senate passed Right To Try legislation that may allow patients access to experimental drugs before FDA approval, a huge victory for patients and advocates. The U.S. Senate stood with terminally ill patients and passed legislation last week that would […]

Bob Mueller and for Whom the Bells Toll

August 7, 2017 0

Can Trump be indicted by Bob Mueller? Learn about the law controlling that here. It was just revealed that Justice Department Special Counsel Robert Mueller convened a grand jury in connection with his investigations into the 2016 presidential election. Its […]

The Lie of “Universal” Health Care

August 2, 2017 0

How can you tell that the ‘health care is a right’ arguments are flawed? Governments rationing procedures to cut costs tells you all you need to know. As Republicans in D.C. failed to pass reform of the Affordable Care Act […]

Sessions’ War on Weed

July 28, 2017 0

We have ample evidence that Prohibition often creates more problems than it purports to solve. So why is Atty General Sessions moving in the wrong direction? The renewed battle over marijuana prohibition in the U.S. is a fight the federal […]

After Charlie Gard

July 28, 2017 0

The Charlie Gard case was never about the treatment plan for one little boy. It was, and still is, about power, and who will make life or death decisions regarding treatment for all of us. Despite global support, including offers […]

Trump vs. Pence: What Liberals Should Consider

July 27, 2017 0

The investigations around Trump may eventually result in his removal from office, but liberals should consider what a pence presidency could mean. President Donald Trump has already shared that being president is more complicated than he thought it would be […]

Parental Rights of the Intellectually Disabled

July 24, 2017 0

An intellectually disabled couple has lost custody of their children because of their disabilities. The ramifications of policies like this is frightening. In Oregon, parents Amy Fabbrini and Eric Ziegler have lost custody of their two sons – toddler Christopher […]

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