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The Fight Of Their Lives, and his Death

July 12, 2017 1

The incredibly tragic case of Charlie Gard has touched people the world over, and given us much to think about, especially who makes the decisions. Chris Gard and Connie Yates of Great Britian have spent the better part of a […]

Good News for My Fellow Milk Machines

June 27, 2017 1

San Francisco just passed an ordinance requiring clean and private spaces for breastfeeding mothers needing to pump. It takes effect in January of 2018. And finally… a spot of good news! Supervisors in San Francisco unanimously approved an ordinance earlier […]

Norway Says Bye Bye Burqas

June 15, 2017 0

Some European nations have banned the burqa, citing difficulty of communication, repression of women, and security risks. Is this going too far? Norway will likely become the first Nordic country to ban burqas in the upcoming months.  The trend of banning […]

Berlin Courts Deny Parents A Sliver of Peace

June 9, 2017 1

Parental rights issues are being redefined in the social media landscape. Should parents have access to their deceased child’s online accounts? I recently came across this headline while browsing my news feed and knew that I had to sort out […]

American Educators in Hot Water Over…Well…Idiocy

June 1, 2017 1

Truly horrible American educators consistently make headlines for the idiocy they commit. The latest crop is more depressing than usual. The media is forever filled with stories of teachers gone rogue.  The public loves to hear a good, sordid tale […]

The American Health Care Act and Medical Bills

May 18, 2017 0

Many in American society are angry with the healthcare system. Medical bills could get even more expensive, and some fear being turned down for insurance. Hi. My name is Kristin, and I have a pre-existing condition. Or, two… Or, three… […]

Working Moms: Building A Career in Guilt

April 27, 2017 1

Working mothers carry a lot, from the office to the home, from the kids to the coworkers. They can also lug around a ton of guilt. If we made a list right now called, “Things We Didn’t Know We Would […]

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