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Scot-itude – Politics, Society, and Compassion

June 16, 2017 0

A lack of compassion in society is not new, but solidarity exists too. Has the Trump- era helped to bring people together, and challenge bad behavior? There is a serious lack of compassion in our contemporary society — period. That […]

Scot-itude – The UK Election: A Jolly Shambles?

June 12, 2017 0

In 2014, the world’s eyes were on Scotland. In 2016, the world’s eyes were on the UK and EU. Now in 2017, the future of the UK is still unknown.  Elections come, and elections go. Citizens organize their ballot papers, […]

Scot-itude – The UK: A Country in Mourning.

May 30, 2017 0

The Manchester terror attack has affected the lives of so many. Violence can often lead to further violence, and more compassion is needed in society, badly. The Manchester terror attack, that targeted pop concert goers, including children, at the Ariana […]

Bernie Sanders and the Challenges of British Healthcare

May 19, 2017 0

Some “European” health care systems are idealized by some in the US. Bernie Sanders often promotes other countries health care. Are the systems so ‘perfect’? The reform of health care is a sharply divided issue, and many Democrat and Republican […]

Scot-itude – Neil Diamond, Immigration and America

May 8, 2017 0

Neil Diamond is currently performing to large crowds as part of his 50th Anniversary Tour. Lessons can be learned from one of Diamond’s songs. “Far We’ve been traveling far Without a home But not without a star Free Only want […]

Scot-itude – Twitter Toxicity and Uncivil Discourse

April 17, 2017 0

A British politician is the subject of controversy following his decision to post a Twitter message that included personal insults. A senior British parliamentarian, Pete Wishart, is at the center of a media storm following his decision to post a […]

Scot-itude – Sean Spicer Apologizes – Anger Remains

April 12, 2017 0

Donald Trump’s Press Secretary has apologized for his remarks about Adolf Hitler not using “chemical weapons”. Yet anger at the White House remains. Sean Spicer is, yet again, back at the center of another political storm.  While he has apologized […]

Scot-itude – Tent City and Criminal Justice Reform

April 7, 2017 0

The Tent City prison in Arizona is set to close after over 20 years in operation. Criminal justice reform is receiving multi-partisan support in the US. The former Republican Sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona has been a long-standing figure of […]

Scot-itude – Politicization – Not a New Phenomenon

April 5, 2017 0

As we head into yet another round of hyper-partisan bickering, it’s appropriate to take a moment to look at a short history of politicization. There are often some misconceptions that our contemporary society is more politicized than ever before.  Only […]

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