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Deb Fillman – Managing Editor

Deb FillmanDeb graduated with Honors from Colby College in Waterville Maine with a Bachelors degree in American Studies. She also completed a Junior Year Abroad in Vienna Austria, where she studied German, Art History, Non-Profit Business Administration, and Political Science.

After receiving her Bachelors, Deb went on to earn a Masters at University of Pennsylvania, from its Graduate School of Education.

The 1990s saw Deb working in a variety of industries, from education, to financial services, to technical consulting, but consistently playing the role of organizer and communicator – first in Human Resources, moving to Marketing and Communications, and finally ending up as an Information Architect for an international digital agency before taking time off to start a family.

As a stay-at-home mom, Deb remained involved in the world of political analysis and commentary. While homeschooling her three children, she created and ran her own political commentary blog, and an online discussion forum for moms interested in current events and politics.

Currently, Deb works as a freelance copywriter, social media manager, network marketing professional, and personal assistant, based in Charlotte, NC.

When she’s not busy keeping others organized and in-touch, Deb can be found cooking, baking, sewing, and still doing her favorite job, mothering her three girls.