Divorce Lawyers

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Divorce is never an easy or plain and simple affair. Getting married is a decision not taken lightly, and divorce isn’t either. The main aim of filing for divorce, besides what each party feels is due to them, is to do so with dignity. Divorce lawyers play a vital role in resolving these matters peacefully.

Why are divorce lawyers needed? Explore this question before looking at how to find a good divorce lawyer. The complex legal system of divorce proceedings, such as mountains of paperwork, complex terminology, acrimony, and waiting periods, are navigated easier with a good divorce lawyer. Divorce lawyers provide much-needed advice on the aspects of terminating marriages. These aspects include dividing assets, custody of children or pets, and the options available to you as a client under the law.

An uncontested divorce can be settled in as little as four weeks. If a divorce is contested, it may take between two to three years to settle fully. A good divorce lawyer will anticipate things you don’t know about and can’t normally prepare for. While going through a divorce, you are focused on the here and now. Divorce lawyers worth their salt will show you what obstacles you may face in the future if certain proceedings are not dealt with adequately now.

Characteristics of a Good Divorce Lawyer

Several characteristics make a good divorce lawyer.

1. Skill and experience

It would help if you found a divorce lawyer that not only represents you but represents you well. Divorce lawyers must be skilled with enough knowledge and proficiency to deal with the complexities of your case to represent you. This allows you to continue with your daily life as much as possible. A lawyer with enough experience in family law and divorce cases like yours is to your benefit. It may be a good idea to check your divorce lawyer’s credentials to see if they embrace continuing education opportunities.

2. Availability

A good divorce lawyer will be available to respond to all your questions promptly. If they are too busy, they should give you a timeframe of when to expect an answer. Your lawyer should also not have so many clients that there is no time for your unique case.

3. Support and resources

Lawyers are often busy with many clients, but what sets a good lawyer apart is the support structure they use. Your lawyer should have support staff and other lawyers on standby to help in case of an emergency. Other resources such as paralegals, support attorneys, and legal assistants will help your lawyer prepare your case as quickly as possible.

Divorce Lawyers

4. Good communication skills

Good lawyers will listen well and be able to explain things to you regarding your case in layman’s terms. This provides you with realistic expectations. Good communication with your spouse and your spouse’s lawyer is also vital for things to run smoothly. If your case goes to court, your lawyer needs to communicate there effectively and passionately. Such a lawyer will be trusted by the court while representing your case clearly.

5. Composure

A worthwhile lawyer will be able to maintain composure, not only with you but before the court too. You can’t always fully anticipate what your spouse, divorce attorney, or the court will do, so surprises often happen. A good lawyer will stay focused and calm despite the frustration. Your lawyer’s professionality will come to the front as strategies are skillfully adjusted when needed.

A good divorce lawyer can be found by:

  • Referrals from other lawyers
  • Recommendations from friends and family
  • Social media
  • Online reviews.