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Frequently Asked Questions

You can find answers to most of your questions here but contact us if you still need help.

1. About Practical Politicking

We are not the place to find confirmation for your bias, or the zinger to show your political opponents on social media how smart you are, and conversely how stupid you perceive them to be.

We’re outside that echo chamber, and we invite you to join us.

Our mission is to provide insightful, intelligent, thoughtful, well-researched writing that spans the entire ideological and political spectrum. Our hope is that our readers will engage in debate and discussion.

We aren’t interested in telling you what to think. We assume you’re perfectly capable of thinking for yourself, and more importantly, that you actually prefer to engage your brain before your mouth.

We do not expect everybody to agree, in fact we’d find that particularly counterproductive.

What we believe is extreme partisanship that lacks civility, critical thinking and compromise is not the way we collectively can correct the fundamental flaws in our political system.

2. Membership Information

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Yes, but we suggest doing it just a day or two before your subscription billing date. The commerce system we use does not prorate charges so your upgraded subscription costs will begin on the day you upgrade.

If you are an annual subscriber and want to upgrade, please contact us.

3. Billing and Commerce

Yes, if you choose to cancel your membership within your trial period you will not be charged for your first subscription period.

After your FREE trial your PayPal account or credit card will be charged the applicable amount automatically every cycle. If you are a monthly subscriber then once per month, annual subscribers will be charged once per year.

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4. Submissions and Tips

Our tips box is for story suggestions. Please send us your ideas for what you’d like to see us write about to tips@practicalpoliticking.com. Your tips can be used for requests to specific front page contributors, or just general story suggestions.

If you have information on a potential investigative report, please be sure to include contact information so we can follow-up with you. We cannot accept requests for investigative reports from individuals who cannot provide at least some source material.

Yes, we do. Submissions of feature style creative nonfiction up to 700 words can be sent in Word DOC or RTF format to submissions@practicalpoliticking.com. We prefer first-person stories that provide our readers with off-the-beaten-path information on political activism, such as personal experiences out there in the trenches of political work.

Please note, we do not accept unsolicited reprints or reposts from other publications or sites.

Deadlines are weekly, Fridays at 5:00PM EST. Submissions made in the first week of the month may end up published in the third week, or later. Time sensitive items are not accepted at this time. Please include a one paragraph bio in third person. Practical Politicking reserves first electronic rights for 90 days, and requests link back on reprints. All other rights reside with the respective authors.

It is strongly suggested that you read some of our content and our Contributor Guidelines before submitting. Our goal is to humanize political discourse, and avoid adding fuel to partisan fires. Facts, issues, and people are more important to us than taking sides.

We are here to provide content from multiple points of view – our readers can decide where they stand and then debate the issues.

5. Media and Permissions

Please review our copyright notice for details but all content herein is for personal use only without our express approval for other uses. Unauthorized distribution and/or commercial use of the materials and content of this site are strictly prohibited.

Requests for reprint permissions can be sent to Liz Harrison.

While we grant permission for in-classroom use of our content, please notify us if you are using our content for teaching purposes. Notification including specific pages/articles (if applicable) should be sent to Liz Harrison with “Educational Use Notification” in the subject line. Please include the names of the institution, class(es), and instructor(s) as well.

General media inquiries should be directed to Liz Harrison. Please include “Media Request” in the subject line.

It is against policy to share contact information for our writers with anyone. If you wish to contact a specific writer, you may send a request to our contributors. The message may be forwarded to the writer, if the individual has agreed to receive messages through our staff. We will inform you if your message has been forwarded.