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Felicia Cravens – Contributing Editor

Felicia CravensFelicia Cravens is a Houston-area freelance writer who has been involved in conservative political activism for twenty years. She graduated with a degree in accounting, but left the field after having her second child, finding that parenting from home suited her family better. This led to opportunities for work at church such as writing children’s worship curriculum, and as an instructor in an after school drama program. It also allowed time for engaging in political activism.

She began her foray into party politics through a church-sponsored political ‘How-To’ seminar, and embedded herself in the local Republican party, holding leadership positions at various levels along the way. When the tea party movement formed in 2009, Felicia founded the Houston Tea Party Society as well, working with leaders around the state and the country to coordinate the fight for smaller, more responsible, limited government. She spent much of her time developing training resources for helping people new to politics become involved and effective, and assisting candidates when asked. Her frequent media appearances gave her a crash course in messaging and media relations as well.

A blogger on and off since the mid 2000s, Felicia has since focused more on political writing at her own site, as well as writing copy on demand for several business and non-profit clients. She is a seventh-generation Texan and mentions it to the point of being obnoxious. Her native status also motivates her to write about traveling to small Texas towns, both to highlight the charm she loves about small-town Texas, but also in order to keep from being completely consumed by politics.