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Fiona Trafton – Contributing Editor

Fiona TraftonFiona is a native of Scotland and graduated from the University of Edinburgh. She holds a Master of Arts (Hons) in Politics and Sociology. Fiona vacationed in the US for many years with her American husband, and in 2015 she emigrated to the Pacific Northwest.

Fiona spent six years working in frontline British politics, and has worked on numerous campaigns at a local and national level. Fiona worked for a member of the European Parliament, and latterly for a former Shadow Cabinet Secretary in the Scottish Parliament. She was working directly in politics when Scotland held its historic 2014 independence referendum. While working in the Scottish Parliament, Fiona helped to facilitate the running of the International Development Cross Party Group, which included assisting with the organization of keynote speakers and representatives of NGOs to address members at regular meetings. She continues to pay close attention to global issues.

Fiona first took an interest in writing during childhood, and in her spare time she enjoys writing short stories and poetry. One of the first activities she involved herself in when she moved to the US was to sign up for courses in writing, US history, and economics.

When Fiona is not writing and keeping abreast of current affairs, she enjoys photography, traveling the world, and following her favorite soccer and baseball teams. She is not expecting to be featured in the MoMA anytime soon, but she loves to paint and draw too.

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