How Do Bail Bonds Work?

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Legal terms and regulations can be incredibly confusing and overwhelming, especially for those who are facing arrest and conviction. Affordable bail bonds Williamsport PA provides bail bonds to those who cannot afford them in full upfront. But how do bail bonds work? Find out below.

1. You Pay Bail Bonds

Upon getting arrested and being detained, you will wait to hear from a judge if you are eligible for bail. If so, a judge will set your bail bond dollar amount. This amount is how much in dollars you will be required to pay to get out of jail as you await court dates and hearings. 

Many people cannot afford to pay their bail bond in full at once, so they have to rely on bail bond agencies for a loan on their bond. 

2. You Attend All Court Dates and Hearings

Once you pay your bail bond and are released from jail, you will be required to attend all of your court dates and hearings. Failure to do so can result in a warrent for you to be arrested immediately. It can also mean that you won’t get back the bail you have already paid, and you may face additional charges for “bail jumping”. 

3. You Get Bail Bonds Back

After attending all of your court dates and hearings, and your case is closed, you are eligable to receive your bail bonds back. If you paid for your bail yourself, you keep the lump sum. If a bail bond agency loaned you the money, it will go back to the agency, and you may be subject to some fees or interest. 

In Conclusion

Many people who get arrested don’t understand how the bail bonds process works, and it’s important to understand the policies and procedures to avoid further penalties and charges.