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Kevin Boyd – Blog Editor

Kevin BoydKevin first got involved in politics in high school working on local campaigns. It continued throughout college.

After a stint working as a political consultant, he went into sales. After bouncing around for several years, he had an opportunity to do his first love and get paid for it, writing.

Kevin’s first blog was in college over a decade ago and since then, has blogged off and on. Ever since he turned professional in 2014, he has had by lines at various websites such as IJ Review, Rare, The National Interest, Real Clear Policy, FEE.org, and has had his work featured in the Washington Examiner. You can view his portfolio here.

In addition, Kevin also writes for a couple of think tanks such as the R Street Institute and the Capital Research Center.

Serving as Blog Editor at Practical Politicking is Kevin’s first role as an editor.

When he’s not involved with politics or writing; he loves reading, traveling, and shooting.

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