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Tom Dougherty – President & CEO

Tom DoughertyTom attended Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania where he studied economics and finance, and was active in student politics.

He spent the 1980’s in the investment banking business specializing in municipal bond syndication and real estate limited partnerships.

The 1990’s saw Tom move onto small business ownership with an emphasis in database design and administration, and multiple-tier architecture software and internet application development.

Since 2000, he has been a principal in a political data services company, and owner of a political and technology consulting company.

While first and foremost a businessman, Tom has been involved both directly and indirectly in political campaigns in various positions over the last 36 years, most of which has been behind the scenes with a focus on data analysis, fund-raising and strategic planning.

During those rare opportunities when he is not consumed by one of his business ventures or political campaigns, he enjoys art, cooking, fly-fishing, golf, photography, team roping and traveling. But his first passion is racing sailboats which he will be returning to soon aboard his Melges 24 called DANGER ZONE.

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