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Weekly Columns

Here at Practical Politicking, we’re committed to offering our readers intelligent information from all points on the political spectrum. Our growing collection of weekly columns is no different, and comes to you from the left, right, and (just about) everything in between.

Weekly Column Greener Grassroots
Are you looking for how-to information on becoming politically active? Greener Grassroots by Felicia Cravens is for you! She is opening her resources from years of experience as a political activist, and bringing them to her column in easy to digest chunks!
Weekly Column Politics & Princesses
Looking for the lighter side of politics, maybe with at least a dash of humor? Politics & Princesses by Kristin McCarthy offers a “mom’s eye view” of the political world. In case you’re wondering what that means, prepare yourself for views based on how this mom sees the world for her own “princesses” – all four of them!
Weekly Column 2A Talk
Maybe you are concerned about Second Amendment issues? 2A Talk by Daniel Silverman focuses a little on California gun laws, but also on nationwide concerns of gun owners. There’s no surprise in that, since he’s active with Gun Rights Across America (GRAA) – an organization that is active on the ground locally with chapters across the country.
Weekly Column Remark-able
Prefer a political perspective that doesn’t give preference to either side of the aisle? Remark-able by Liz Harrison declares open game on all political figures. If they’re guilty of lacking common sense, or of foul play, expect to see them dissected here.