What To Do After Being Bit by a Dog

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It can happen so fast. One minute, you are walking down the street; the next, an unknown dog runs up and bites you. Or you could be playing with what seemed to be a friendly dog, but they became aggressive. Either way, if you find yourself bitten by a dog, it is vital to follow these steps immediately afterward.

Number One Concern

The number one concern after a dog bites you is infection. When a dog bites, its front teeth will grab and compress your tissue, while smaller teeth can tear your skin. This results in an open wound that could quickly become infected. If the bite is bad enough, immediate hospitalization may be needed. No matter the severity of the bite, it would still be a good idea to see a doctor within eight hours of the initial bite. If the dog was unknown, you might also need to look into a lawyer for dog bite.

Steps To Take

Immediately after you suffer a dog bite, and before heading to the hospital, you will want to take these steps to aid in preventing an infection. The first is to wash the wound. Use a mild soap and run the wound under warm tap water for five to ten minutes. Try to slow the bleeding by using a clean cloth, and if you have it, apply an antibiotic cream. You will then want to wrap the wound in a sterile bandage and keep it bandaged until you see your doctor. Once you see the doctor, you will want to change your bandage multiple times daily and check for any infection. If you find redness, swelling, fever, or increased pain, you will want to contact your doctor immediately.

Dog Bite Lawyer

When you meet with your doctor or lawyer, you will want to ensure you have as much information about the dog that bit you and how it happened. Doing so will help your doctor understand how to treat you and your lawyer to know what compensation is needed.